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Revolutionary rewards with real value for consumers! CrowdCOIN ASV is a cutting-edge rewards platform for consumers to engage with brands and earn digital assets backed by valuable commodities like Gold and Bitcoin (BTC). In addition to being an alternative store of value, they can be traded, exchanged, or redeemed.

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Tired of feeling under-rewarded for loyalty to your favorite brands?


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How does it work?​

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Engage with your Favorite Brands to earn stamps to complete unique CrowdCOIN Collections.  Additional grab bag stamp packs may be purchased online to fill your collection card faster.​

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Redeem the filled Collection Card for limited edition CrowdCOIN ASV, a unique digital asset backed by a valuable commodity such as Gold or BTC.

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Trade, Exchange, or Redeem the ASV for Gold or BTC, or keep it as a long-term alternative store of value — your loyalty truly pays off in the long run!

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Why is it better for brands?

Engage customers at higher levels: Our award-winning
CrowdSOLUTIONS are the solution to changing audience loyalty patterns.

Capture granular CrowdDATA: Users volunteer data via our
exclusive flash polls and surveys to solve for changing data privacy regulations

Generate new and recurring revenue: CrowdCOIN ASV creates multiple new opportunities for brands to solve stagnant revenue growth

Disrupt stale rewards programs: Showcase the most innovative tech on the market to solve the challenge of staying on-trend—including AI, Blockchain, BTC, and Web3—while also offering a Gold commodity for more traditional audiences.

CrowdCOIN ASV—where brand loyalty truly pays off in the long run!

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Why is it better than traditional loyalty platforms for consumers?

Disrupts loyalty rewards forever: Redefines how you interact with
your favorite brands.

Real Value: Say goodbye to stagnant points programs and hello to meaningful Gold or BTC backed digital assets.

Rewards are NOT Limited to Purchases: Consumers can engage with their favorite brands by joining a CrowdLIVE stream, answering CrowdDATA flash polls and surveys, or playing CrowdGAMES

Financial Hedge: Guard against inflation and economic fluctuations with commodities-backed rewards.

Transparent and Secure: Powered by blockchain technology, CrowdCOIN ASV ensures complete transparency and security, giving you confidence in the value of your rewards.


Our technology can transform your business

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